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Derrick Koo


I’m a developer and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. I work for Condé Nast at the moment. Want to work together? Get in touch!

Let’s Make Things

code, words, music

I’m currently a developer and production manager for The New Yorker, where I help build products and editorial content for mobile apps and the web. In addition to app and web development, I develop workflow systems, oversee content databases, and manage tech projects for the magazine’s editorial production department. I also blog occasionally for newyorker.com.

In my spare time, I write and record music. I’m always seeking ways to squeeze fatter, fuzzier guitar tones from my humble gear. You can hear some of my work here.

Get in Touch

I like making stuff, and I love learning new things. If you’d like to know more about me or you have a project in mind, let’s chat. Send me an e-mail, Link me In, friend me on Github, or follow me on Instagram.