The Story of Derrick

The moon hangs so low it could touch your shoulder.
The Flatirons loom over the horizon.
JS is life.
React is one versatile framework.

In medias res

Currently, practices the dark arts of web and application development as a Lead Front End Engineer at 10up. Utilizes arcane languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS as well as mysterious frameworks such as React and React Native to craft digital products for clients both famous and obscure. Strives for accessibility, performance, clean code, and elegant application architecture. Often works with WordPress, the web’s most powerful open source CMS.

WordPress is more than just blogging.
The New Yorker is the world’s best magazine.


Originally hails from the Empire of New York. Previously, rubbed shoulders with literary greatness in the cafeteria halls of Condé Nast, while on the editorial staff of The New Yorker. For seven years, toiled with the production team to transmorph the printed word to digital forms such as the internet, Amazon Kindle, and iOS. Aided the web development team to rebuild in WordPress from the ashes of a proprietary CMS. Pondered pursuing a life conjuring words in the venerable trade of journalism before accepting true destiny as a front-end engineer.

New York City is with me always.
Colorado is where my heart and home are.


Resides in the sun-drenched, mountainous realm of Broomfield, Colorado. Enjoys journeying for long distances in nature on both foot and two-wheeled mechanical steed, hurtling at high speeds down snow-slicked slopes upon engineered wood slabs, voyaging to far-away lands, and generating heavy, fuzz-laden riffs on amplified stringed instruments. Seeks the hoppiest of IPAs. Is deuteranomalous, but hides it well most of the time. May be summoned with friendly salutations via the following channels:

Tune it low and layer on the fuzz.
Have bike, will ride.